Message from the Founder

Over the last 3 decades of serving in the medical field, I have witnessed an array of events and experiences that relate to the way the patients themselves experience cancer, both in Greece as well as abroad.

The number one concern of each patient is to beat his or her battle with cancer. It is of equal importance though for them to know that during this period they will need to undergo treatment and in turn this will affect their day-to-day lives. Simple and given moments and aspects of their daily routines will change drastically as patients will need to come to terms with their new reality. 

A fairly large aspect of the disease has to do with the toll it takes on a patient’s looks. Immense efforts have been placed in most of the large oncologist centers across Europe and the US to boost patients’ self esteem by improving their appearance. In fact, the better you feel on a psychological level, the easier it will be for you to take on the hardship of this disease.
The I LIVE FOR ME non-profit organization for individuals battling cancer and other chronic diseases was created in 2010 with the goal to help such individuals and their families to manage the side effects that can seem to take over their daily lives. Our goal is to inform, support and educate on the care that is needed for such patients as well as raising awareness to a greater audience in terms of how this disease can affect entire communities.
In the meantime, we also seek to raise awareness about preventative action that you can implement as reflected in our different campaigns and awareness events. Via our YouTube channel, you can take a closer look at our Internet campaigns that have been put together by our volunteers. Furthermore, our webpage offers immediate access to vital information, whereas our Facebook page allows for thousands of friends to interact and receive daily advice and the latest information surrounding cancer and its prevention.
To date, I LIVE FOR ME has printed a series of informative flyers as well as a handbook with practical information concerning cancer and its effective management, all of which have been distributed to over 5000 patients and their families. All handbooks and flyers are at your disposal free of charge.
In parallel to all the above action, the non-profit organization regularly hosts lectures in schools, educational institutes and other scientific or professional spaces, so as to inform individuals about the critical subject of cancer, all of which is put together by a team of medical volunteers.
The volunteers of I LIVE FOR ME believe in the value of life and the power we need to overcome both small and big battles on a daily basis. We support the never-ending strength and efforts of our people as they take on the challenges of life. In essence, this is what we seek to shed light on via the efforts of I LIVE FOR ME – to bring hope, passion and strength to those in need so that they can override this disease and continue leading a healthy life.
Founder of I LIVE FOR ME

Read our manual which offers practical tips for managing the consequences of cancer treatment.
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